This is my journey in keeping my family happy and healthy.
In this day and age, what parent knows best what to do and how to care for their family?
There are so many conflicting ideas, so much wisdom, and so many paths.
It is here that I will compile information on what I have learned and the choices I am making.
Maybe my path will help others.... or not. Enjoy!

About Me

I am a SAHM whose desire it is to have her home, family & household become more healthy and self-sustaining. I am only just beginning and newly learning. So you will embark upon this quest with me, and perhaps teach me, or learn with me as I go.

We have a nice little home in the Hayward Hills. Right on the outskirts of town, but in a more rural area of it, which allows us to have chickens and other farm animals (should we choose). Our yard is nice and big and one of the main reasons we chose this location. We wanted to have a yard that our children could play in and where we could say, "Eh... you're hungry? Well go out in the yard and eat something growing!"

This is my journey.... enjoy!

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